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Company Name: Azienda Agricola Oro del Gargano
Owner Name: Di Leo Diego Nazario
Founded on: 2017
VAT No.: 04132050719
Number of employees: 2-5

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Via d'Addetta 22, Carpino (Fg)

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Ogliarola Garganica - Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Apulia

We are at the foot of the homonymous promontory (Gargano, Apulia), uncontaminated territory, with an ideal climate for the cultivation of the Ogliarola Organica, an indigenous cultivar of olive, with high organoleptic properties rich in polifenoly (antioxidant).

The farm Oro del Gargano is a small reality that moves its steps with care and passion, with the aim of giving life to an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality.

Our flourishing centuries-old ogliarola olive trees are handed down from generation to generation. skilled hands tradition combined with modern extraction techniques, guarantee the nutritional qualities of excellence, proudly representing the territory.

The harvest of our ogliarola olives is a demanding practice but at the same time full of satisfaction. A procedure that requires commitment and technical skills are crucial for the final quality of the extra virgin olive oil.

The pressing takes place using the latest generation of mechanical techniques with the aim of providing the fruit with the least possible oxidative stress and leaving the organoleptic qualities perfectly unchanged.

The kneading (so-called gramolatura) consists of a precise and constant mixing of the ogliarola olive paste, inside a tank called Gramola. It is an important and delicate passage that takes place entirely in cold weather with temperatures ranging between 17 ° and 19 ° C. The dough stationing does not exceed 20 minutes.

The extracted ogliarola extra virgin olive oil flows immediately into the mechanical carton filtering process, with the aim of separating the final product from impurities while preserving their qualities. Subsequently, our ogliarola monocultivar extra virgin olive oil is bottled sealed with the name of Oro del Gargano.

"The soul of the area with its most varied fruits, tied by a drizzle of oil is a guarantee of quality and identity of the Apulian cuisine. In my dishes and the added value is precisely the case to call it gold. "

Chef Ugo Testa

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